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Heather & Bill Donlan
5/29/2013$100.00In memory of our sweet niece Caitlin.
Ken and Debbie Jones
5/28/2013$50.00In honor of Cailin
The Elliott Family
5/28/2013$25.00In honor of Caitlin
Laura and Kevin Haynes
5/27/2013$50.00In honor of Caitlin
The Crandalls
5/25/2013$50.00In honor of Caitlin
Karen Johnston and Family
5/25/2013$25.00In honor of Caitlin
Steve Goodman
5/25/2013$25.00In honor of Caitlin
Erica, Kali and Greta
5/25/2013$250.00We are sorry to miss this event but hope it is a huge success. We are so grateful to have known Caitlin and will miss her spirit and remember her teachings.
The Farrell family
5/24/2013$50.00Caitlin, You are our hero! Your strength and beautiful smile will live on!
Melissa Mennen
5/24/2013$50.00Dear Angel Caitlin, You made more of a difference on this earth in your nine years than most of us do in our lifetimes. Your spirit, your love and your bravery will live within our hearts forever.
Susan Kulp
5/24/2013$50.00in honor of Caitlin
Dominic Hand
5/23/2013$50.00While I never had the opportunity to meet Caitlin, the look in her father's eyes when he talked about her revealed how special and loved she was. I know she will be missed dearly, and my heart goes out to her family.
Patti McCarthy
5/23/2013$50.00God bless Caitlin and her family...
The Saks Family
5/23/2013$100.00In honor of Caitlin
Debbie Billowitch
5/22/2013$25.00In honor of Caitlin, a very courageous little girl with a very loving family. I pray that God blesses you all with peace in this sorrowful time. My deepest sympathy.
The Bodner Family
5/22/2013$50.00In honor of Caitlin
Julia Rush
5/22/2013$25.00What a JOY Caitlin brought to all of you. Bright, happy colors today surely made everyone smile and think of her beautiful smile.
Matthew and Andy Wendling
5/22/2013$40.00Caitlin was very brave. We will never forget her.
The Resch Family
5/22/2013$100.00May God Bless Caitlin and her family. You are all in our prayers. She was a special girl and touched many hearts.
O'Meara Family
5/22/2013$50.00In honor of Caitlin
Leigh Sippel
5/22/2013$50.00In honor of Caitlin.
Pamela Gomez
5/22/2013$10.00I want to thank you for your effort to raise money for Pediatric Cancer. A friend just lost her son to bone cancer he was 12 1/2yrs old. God Bless you and your family.
Your Friends from CSHS, Anette, Ilene, Jill, Nina, Sonya and Tanya
5/22/2013$750.00In honor of precious Caitlin. We were all so inspired by your brave journey....may you light up heaven with your smiles......
The Skinner family
Mark, Jeni, TJ, Andy Sims
Nickelle Kellough-Menendez & Family
5/21/2013$50.00Meri, Thinking and praying for Caitlin, your precious angel, and your family.... Nickelle
The Wing Family
5/21/2013$50.00In honor of Caitlin.
Mike and Barb Dickey
5/21/2013$50.00in Honor of Caitlin..... she will be missed but we will meet again in that grand reunion in Heaven
JoAnne Blake
5/21/2013$25.00It was a pleasure to have Caitlin ride my school bus, for her first four years of school, she will always be in my heart, I will truly miss her. Thoughts and prayers to her family.
The Katterhenry Klan (Ann and Sara etc)
The Thad Matta Family
5/21/2013$50.00Praying for all of you that were blessed to be touched by Caitlin's love and laughter.
Christine Teeters Myers and Family
5/21/2013$50.00In honor of the brave and beautiful Caitlin.
Sally Ann Darby
5/21/2013$25.00I never had the honor of meeting Caitlin, but I feel like I knew her, and she will always have a place in my heart.
Marlene Way
5/21/2013$50.00Deepest Sympathy to a wonderfully family. Prayers & hugs.
Kerry Shea Becker
5/20/2013$25.00My deepest sympathies. Praying for the Dickey family during this difficult time. Caitlin was a strong beautiful girl who touched so many
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Beth Chapman Giddings
5/19/2013$100.00Caitlin's strength through her battle has been inspiring. Although we've never met her, she has been in our hearts and prayers. We will continue to pray for her family during this incredibly difficult time.
The Schmidt Family
5/19/2013$50.00Our thoughts and prayers are with the Dickey Family at this sorrowful time.
The Clausnitzer Family
5/19/2013$25.00Our hearts break for the Dickey family, wishing them peace and strength
The Lambert Family
The Fischer Family
5/17/2013$15.00Our prayers go to Caitlin and her family.
Mary de Castro
5/16/2013$50.00In our prayers

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