Miller Tribe and Crew San Diego Grand Stand

In Memory Of:  Stephan Thomas

Miller Tribe and Crew San Diego Grand Stand

This is our 9th year hosting a stand for pediatric cancer research! 


Supporters of San Diego's Alex's Lemonade Grand Stand get an opportunity to help our own local stand to reach the $100,000 goal! We came so close on Saturday, July 26, but as we have our very own amazing international Comic Con and many events over the weekend, we are falling a little short. We know many of you want to still feel a part of the event, and love hearing how much we collectively raise for pediatric cancer research each year! So we have decided to release only a select amount of LEGOLAND Park Hopper tickets that will still be available, as well as a virtual cup of lemonade!  To access the tickets, donate $40 a ticket to the stand's direct site. But first...please email the tribe directly at [email protected] to see if any are still left! First come first serve while supplies last. **


For that virtual cup of lemonade think of those kids chanting "One Cup at a Time!" and "Best lemonade in town!"  Think of all of us standing around drinking lemonade, listening to great local music, laughing and catching up with people we haven't seen in a long time. Then make your donation that you normally would have if you had been with us.


We have raised over $80,000 so far in the last 8 years, help us get to $100,000 this year!Your donation of $50 will fund one hour of research.


A gift of $400 will fund one day of research.
A gift of $2000 will fund a week of research.
A generous gift of $8000 will pay for an entire month of research.
San Diego...together we have funded over 10 months worth of research!


Please note: Mailed donations may not appear on fundraising pages for up to 4 weeks.
Margaret Harvey9/09/2014$50.00
For Cody9/04/2014$1000.00
Rosaline Carey8/29/2014$160.00
Jeffrey Penick8/29/2014$100.00
Bridgette Tullis8/29/2014$50.00
Stephanie Weaver8/23/2014$277.00The cash (not check) total from art and furniture sale to benefit this year's Alex's Lemonade Stand.
Elizabeth M. Leonard8/10/2014$40.00
Jodi Mello8/04/2014$200.00from the Mello Family
Amy Miller8/04/2014$3391.00