The Cupcake Collection Presents: Alex's Lemonade Stand Campaign

The Cupcake Collection Presents: Alex's Lemonade Stand Campaign

Welcome to Alex's Lemonade Stand sponsored by The Cupcake Collection in Nashville, TN. Five years ago when we opened the bakery we recalled some of our great inspiration and Alex, a 4 year old girl with a vision to rid the world of cancer, gave us hope that we could also make a difference. I believed if a little girl could dream so big then surely I could too. We can all think of an experience, directly or indirectly, that has revealed the hurt of cancer. When my son was in kindergarten I was waiting to pick him up and I met a mom who was also waiting. But it turns out we were waiting for very different reasons. She was killing time walking her newborn as her five year old son was getting cancer treatments at the local children's hospital. When she took her son to the doctor for shots in preparation for his first year of school, she received the shocking news that hospitals not homework would be in his near future. Our sons class became pen pals to help him connect with other children. From that point on we began to understand the impact of cancer on young people. I then was committed to use my voice and business to make a change. Throughout the month of June, the 9th-30th, we will be hosting a virtual stand daily with proceeds from our lemon flavored cupcakes being donated to the cause. We will also have a physical stand on Fridays and Sundays. We invite you to be a part of the movement to save lives in our community. You can support Alex's Lemonade Stand by ordering lemon themed cupcakes that can be delivered, shipped, or purchased from the bakery or give us a call to make a donation over the phone. Thank you for always supporting The Cupcake Collection and our commitment to make our community better.

-Mignon Francois, The Cupcake Collection


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The Cupcake Collection7/07/2014$1279.75
Susan and Jack Terrana6/10/2014$25.00Happy to stand with The Cupcake Collection in an effort to cure cancer in youth!

Honored hero

Brady is a 6 year survivor of  Neuroblastoma. He is one of a set of triplets (age 7) and also has a younger sister (age 6). He was diagnosed at age 20 months when doctors found a tumor while trying to figure out why he hadn’t learned to walk. Two surgeries and chemotherapy followed before Brady was declared stable. He has never been declared cancer free, as a small piece of tumor in his spine is inaccessible to surgeons.