Stomping Out Childhood Cancer...One Step At A Time

In Honor Of:  Cade Cranford

Stomping Out Childhood Cancer...One Step At A Time

Hello everyone, I am hosting a Walk-A-Thon to raise funds for pediatric cancer research and to help support those families who have children with cancer. This event will be lots of fun with contests, food booths, and much more. Everyone asks why this is so important to me since I have never had a family member or friend go through this. Well here is my answer, just because I have not dealt with it personally does not mean it does not affect me. I have great compassion for those children that have to fight this horrible disease. Most of them show more courage than most adults. I am hoping with this event we can raise money to find better treatments and cures for our children. I feel like it is our responsibility as a community to take care of the next generation. This event is not only to raise awareness for pediatric cancer but to bring our community together as a whole! 

Thank you everyone in advance for your support! 


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Ashley Gilbert11/04/2014$156.50
Brandyce Parks8/09/2014$50.00For silent auction...thank you ashley
Kennedy Family8/04/2014$100.00
Design Temperature Service Engineers, Inc.6/27/2014$300.00
William Nejelski6/27/2014$100.00