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Molly B
Molly Lammert10/22/2014$50.00This is a conditional donation, and the condition is that I never have to run with you again. Run fast Marge! Cheering for you my friend.
Fed Bernal
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.10/14/2014$100.00Great job in putting together a team for a phenomenal cause!
John and Marylou Domino
Rebecca Goldstein10/12/2014$50.00Good luck, Becca!
Steve Goldstein
Rebecca Goldstein10/06/2014$100.00
Lauren Barclay
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.10/02/2014$25.00Go Team!!
Jimmy Rohman
Molly Lammert10/01/2014$20.00Run fast
Scott Boshaw
Silvia Escudero9/30/2014$30.00Best of luck!
The Baldwin Family
Seth Walensky9/30/2014$50.00GO SETH!
Greg Bird
Sergio Escudero
Silvia Escudero9/30/2014$50.00Terribly proud of you big sis!
Marina Godes
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/30/2014$25.00Good Luck
Gregory Bird
Metrorock Everett
Susan Lee9/29/2014$50.00
Catherine Wearing
Boston Vertical, LLC
Rick Guerra
Rachel Guerra9/28/2014$21.00
Dan Goldstein
Rachel Guerra9/25/2014$20.00
Rachel Guerra9/25/2014$50.00
Francis and Elizabeth Geiser
Molly Lammert9/22/2014$50.00Molly ... Thanks for your inspiring dedication to raise funds for an important cause to help others in need. Frank and Elizabeth
Josh Walensky
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/21/2014$299.03I set up my own Alex's Lemonade Stand today at the Jimmy Fund Walk and raised $299.03 for the Walensky Running Buffers! It was an amazing experience. I can't believe how many people stopped to drink my hand-squeezed lemonade and donate!!!
Mom & Dad
Silvia Escudero9/19/2014$100.00This is a great way to make a difference !!! We are very proud of you! Good luck to you and everyone else involved!
Ed and Marilynn Bersoff
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/19/2014$50.00
Catherine Lammert
Molly Lammert9/15/2014$100.00Good luck Marbie!
CRG Watertown
Susan Lee9/15/2014$50.00
Sara Lammert
Molly Lammert9/15/2014$20.00So proud of you! Can't wait to cheer you on in both Boston and Philadelphia! I'm sure you knock your old PR out of the water! See you at mile 11! :)
Volvo AMM Match
Volvo AMM Match
Volvo AMM Match
Susan Welch
Seth Walensky9/14/2014$100.00
Lee & AM
Susan Lee9/12/2014$10.00Run, Suzi, run!
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/12/2014$283.09We are happy to support your team's work for Alex's Million Mile. Thanks for being a hero to kids with cancer.
Integer Wealth Advisors Group LLC
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/11/2014$100.00Fantastic job to all runners. All the best on a wonderful fundraising activity!
Bridget O'Carroll
Molly Lammert9/09/2014$20.00Cant wait to come watch you!!!
Grandma Carol & Grandpa Harry
Seth Walensky9/06/2014$100.00We know you will do a wonderful job in this endeavor . We're sooooo proud of you.
Mom and Harry
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/06/2014$100.00Keep up the wonderful work!
Molly Lammert9/05/2014$10.00You are the BEST runner ever and I am SOOOOOOO proud of you!!! Sweat, sweat, sweat and GOOOOOOOOOOODDDD luck!!!!
Bhumi Patel
Molly Lammert9/05/2014$10.00
Molly Lammert9/05/2014$73.50If Molly doesn't run 147 miles...... she owes me a margarita
The Stachula Family
Susan Lee9/04/2014$10.00Kepp up the rgeat work, Suzi!
Shahan Missaghian
Seth Walensky9/03/2014$50.00
Shahan Missaghian
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/03/2014$50.00
Annie & Stanley
Susan Lee9/02/2014$60.00Good luck with this fund raiser; it's a good cause and we are happy to donate!
Aunt Margie&Uncle Marty
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.9/02/2014$50.00Keep up the good work!
Aunt Margie &Uncle Marty
Seth Walensky9/02/2014$50.00We're proud of you!
Text to Donate
Text to Donate
Susan Lee8/28/2014$75.00
Mom& Dad
Molly Lammert8/25/2014$50.00Keep running! We're catching up!

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