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DonorOn Behalf OfDateAmountCommentssort ascending
Molly B
Molly Lammert10/22/2014$50.00This is a conditional donation, and the condition is that I never have to run with you again. Run fast Marge! Cheering for you my friend.
Fed Bernal
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.10/14/2014$100.00Great job in putting together a team for a phenomenal cause!
John and Marylou Domino
Rebecca Goldstein10/12/2014$50.00Good luck, Becca!
Steve Goldstein
Rebecca Goldstein10/06/2014$100.00
Lauren Barclay
Loren Walensky, M.D., Ph.D.10/02/2014$25.00Go Team!!
Jimmy Rohman
Molly Lammert10/01/2014$20.00Run fast
Scott Boshaw
Silvia Escudero9/30/2014$30.00Best of luck!
The Baldwin Family
Seth Walensky9/30/2014$50.00GO SETH!
Greg Bird
Sergio Escudero
Silvia Escudero9/30/2014$50.00Terribly proud of you big sis!


Teammates are added to this list when they register for Alex’s Million Mile – Run.Walk.Ride. and choose to join this team. If there are team members who should appear here but don’t, please contact us.

Namesort descendingFundraising GoalRaisedMileage GoalMileage Total
not set$180.001000
Kate Franklin
not set$01000
not set$150.001000
not set$91.001000
Mark Kalinich
not set$0200
not set$413.501000
not set$300.001000
not set$01000
not set$02000
not set$01000
not set$01000
not set$1272.121000
not set$600.001000