in memory of Kylie Houtchings

In Honor Of:  Kylie houtchings (1996-2006)

in memory of Kylie Houtchings

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Our daughter Kylie battled Neuroblastoma from November of 2002 until August 8th of, 2006 .... its not an easy thing but we manage to fight through everyday .... please consider adding this cause to your support list.... There are still alot of children out there sadly battling cancer and they need a cure..... May GOD bless you all!

Find out more about Kylies journey with Neuroblastoma

Our first stand was in August 2004 in Vermillion, Ohio.

Our 2nd stand was also in Vermillion, June 2005 during lemonade days.

Our 3rd annual stand was held in Wakeman Ohio, June 2006, also during lemonade days,

Kylie was received into Heaven, on August 8th 2006 at home with her family surrounding her.

This family plans to continue to hold lemonade stands in Kylies memory and in honor of the brave spirit that she had, until a cure is found!....

our 4th annual stand in Kylies memory,was held June of 2007(also during lemonade days).

our 5th annual stand was held during lemonade days, June 2008

our 6th stand was also held in wakeman during lemonade days June 2009.... on to our 7th

If you are able PLEASE join us this year,same place, Wakeman community park, right on State RT. 20 on Saturday June 12th, 2010 from 11 am until 4pm. ..If for some reason you can not make the stand then I encourage you to please take a moment, say a prayer for all children then donate through this site in Kylies memory or in memory or honor of another child.... so we can get a little closer to that cure..

As much as we enjoy hosting these stands the ultimate goal is a cure to be found and these lemonade stands will no longer be needed for this particular cause. so until that happens we ask that you please continue to support this cause!! thankyou once again and God bless! Sincerely the Houtchings family

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Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 5:11pm

Kylies 6th annual alexs lemonade stand

Wakeman Community park, wakeman ohio on Saturday June 13th from 10 to 5 with a few really cool surprises.... in honor and memory of Kylie maddison Houtchings 1996-2006

Wakeman Community Park
State Route 20
wakeman 44889

Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 5:11pm

Stand Event

wakeman town park state rt 20
5810 sr 20 lot 12
wakeman, OH 44889

Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 5:11pm

well we are officialy started... YEAH!!! thanks to a generous donation of 50 dollars from a dear friends aunt and and uncle.. YEAH! so lets get the ball moving and see what we can do..

our stand is coming along great our preperations are getting easier each year as we perfect a system that works for us... i personaly cant wait for the day when our system for our stands is to the point where its perfect and then wham they found cures and we no longer have to have a stand except just for fun in the front yeard so the kiddies can make a dollar or 2!! Can i get an an AMEN and gooooooooo alexs lemaonade!!!! thanks for your continued support i will be posting regularly now to keep you informed as details and finalizations come together.... with love and respect amanda jo proud mama of an angel!


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