Laxin' for Lemonade--"Strength & Courage"

In Honor Of:  Ellie Delucia

Laxin' for Lemonade--"Strength & Courage"

Welcome to the Hamburg Girls Varsity Lacrosse Alex's Lemonade Homepage!

This year the Hamburg Girls Varsity Lacrosse team will be raising funds for the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation in honor of their youngest teammate, Ellie Delucia.

Ellie was diagnosed with Optic Pathway/Hypothalamic Glioma in June, 2004. This inoperable brain tumor has caused Ellie to become legally blind. Ellie was treated with chemotherapy from 7/04-2/06. The chemotherapy treatment decreased the size of her tumor considerably. The response of the tumor to chemotherapy was described as, "fabulous." Her vision seems to have stablized as well.

In October 2006, Ellie's tumor began to grow again. As of May 2007, she resumed chemotherapy (Vinblastine). Ellie's April 2009 scan was stable so she was granted a well deserved break from treatment! Unfortunately, the tumor began to grow and she resumed treatment in July 2009 through June 2010 at which point she got a 6 month break from chemo.

Her MRI in Dec 2010 was concerning and the decision was made to start a new chemo treatment, Avastin & CPT-11. She starts chemo at the end of Jan 2011.

Ellie spent this past season as a member of the varisty lacrosse team along with younger sister Mara. Both girls attend practices, games, sang the National Anthem at our "Senior Game", celebrated their birthdays with Luau's and pool parties but more importantly blessed our lives and became our biggest inspiration.

Please join us in fight against pediatric brain tumors the week of April 23-April 27. The Hamburg Girls Lacrosse team will join efforts with the Frontier Girls Lacrosse team to sell lemonade at their school throughout the week. The final day of the stand will be at the Hamburg vs. Frontier Girls lacrosse games at 5pm and 7pm on Howe Field, April 27.

Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

We hope to see you at the game!

Continue to stay updated with Ellie! --Ellie's Blog!


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Mary Gallagher8/07/2012$50.00
Mary B. Farrell5/29/2012$25.00Ellie & Mara you both are amazing girls and certainly an inspiration to all who meet you. Your Florida friend Mary
Holly Agliata5/11/2012$50.00
Scott Obenshain5/11/2012$2235.11
James and Janet Babcock5/11/2012$50.00
Todd and Roberta Bemiller5/11/2012$20.00
James and Susan Nolan5/11/2012$20.00
Hamburg Music Festival5/11/2012$250.00
Joel and Mary Violanti5/11/2012$50.00
Barbara Moore5/11/2012$100.00