Drew's 33rd Birthday

Drew's 33rd Birthday

BONUS: Biggest donator gets their twitter name tattooed on me. We've done this before, take a look.

It's my 33rd birthday and I'd love to raise some money for an awesome charity like Alex's Lemonade Stand. She was a brave young girl and kicked serious ass. Do something to help their cause!

11/11/12: We lost a very special little one, Elena this morning. She was 17 months old. Let's do this for her too. More info.

11/11/12: Current High Bidder is a mysterious "Matt" with $4,000. Amazing. But....who is "Matt"? Step up and email me! [email protected]

We reached our goal, but keep going! THANK YOU!!!


Please note: Mailed donations may not appear on fundraising pages for up to 4 weeks.
Alexa Lee/StartX11/19/2012$25.00
Yvonne Mulhern11/16/2012$10.00
Paul Berry11/15/2012$50.00
Frank Denbow11/15/2012$20.00Best wishes, Drew!
Mike Trotzke11/15/2012$50.00
Joe Fernandez11/14/2012$100.00Wish I had more money, only thing I want more than to kill cancer is to see you get a Klout tattoo some day, ha.
Jane Boland11/14/2012$25.00Be realistic. Plan for a miracle. - Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
mikeyil11/14/2012$25.00Happy birthday bro, keep kicking ass and being an inspiration to us all!