School Stars: Kinston High School Juniors

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By Andrea Blanford


KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT)- Every week we're putting the spotlight on people making a positive impact on education in the east.

We're looking for all kinds of School Stars. It can be a student, a teacher or anyone making a difference in our schools.

This week, our school star is a group of students using their free time to try to save lives.

Ask the students who pour the lemonade. Every dollar makes a difference.

“I think it's really special to be able to help people who are less fortunate than you are,” said Sarah Walker, Junior.

Juniors at Kinston High School are selling lemonade in the parking lot, raising money for pediatric cancer research.  And it all began with one little girl's last big wish.

Before her first birthday Alexandra Scott of Philadelphia was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. At four years old she decided to open a lemonade stand. She wanted to raise money to help kids like her battling cancer.

Alex raised $2,000 with the first lemonade stand and before she died at age 8 she had raised more than a million dollars to help find a cure.

“It gives you goose bumps,” said Ruth Anderson, Distance Learning Education. “You get emotional and you think why can't I do something like that to help somebody.”

Teacher Ruth Anderson wanted to help. She got a group of students together to join Alex’s Virtual Lemonade Stand.

"They themselves are out being ambassadors to help change, you know, the lives of other children and students around the world. So I think it's an incredibly powerful combination of kids helping kids worldwide,” said Jennifer Oxenford with Alex’s Virtual Lemonade Stand.

Schools around the world spend two weeks raising money for the foundation. Kinston High Schoolis the first in our state to do it. Anderson says it's doing more than helping these students fill their community service requirement.

"They're gonna be our future,” she said. “They're gonna be the leaders that were looking for. And if you don't create them how do you get them?

"Someone very wise once told me don't let school get in the way of your education so it's good to actually interact with people because you have to learn how to interact with people and not just be book smart your whole life,” said William French, Junior.

The pay off is sweet for so many reasons.

"Well I feel like its great that we're interacting with other students and letting them make a difference,” said Eliza Deaver, Junior.

Students say this is what makes everything they do in the classroom worth it.

"It makes me feel really special that we could be a part of it and I'm glad that Kinston High School stands for something,” saidWalker.

Monday was the last day students sold lemonade outside Kinston High School. They raised more than $400 over the last two weeks.