Words of Wisdom From My Young Daughter: 'Never Give Up'

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By: Jay Scott

When I was writing my last blog for The Huffington Post, memories of my daughter Alex came flooding back. As my family, friends and staff can attest, I've told stories of Alex's wisdom over the years. These stories have inspired many of us to work harder, whether it is to achieve Alex's mission of a cure for all kids with cancer, or simply to improve our own lives. I thought, maybe now was the time to share these stories with all of you, and to see if they could have a larger impact toward making a difference, whether it be big or small. So, this is the first in a series of occasional updates that will speak directly to lessons I learned from my daughter Alex. If you haven't had the pleasure of having your life graced with children yet, you will come to find that we learn so many of life's lessons from our children. So although I'll keep a few to myself, I'm proud to share some important lessons that I learned from Alex that stand out in my mind.

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