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Hero Ambassador Program

“Through the ALSF Hero Ambassador program, I am able to share our story with local community members…and raise awareness of childhood cancer and the need for funding for research. It’s my way of honoring kids with cancer and remembering those kids who fought so hard, but did not survive.”

Jennifer Engle | Gilbertsville, PA
Mom to Mackenzie Engle, Burkitt’s Lymphoma Survivor

Every family affected by childhood cancer has a story to tell.

Each time a family tells their story, it opens people’s eyes and hearts to the importance of curing childhood cancer.

Hero Ambassadors are family members of childhood cancer heroes who have chosen to get involved with ALSF. They are turning lemons into lemonade by using the power of their experience to make a difference and get involved in the fight against childhood cancer.

Learn how you can become a hero ambassador!

Our hero families’ involvement ranges from speaking at or visiting schools and stands, to holding lemonade stands or special events, to submitting a childhood cancer hero’s story to our website so their voice can be heard and their family’s story shared. Each of our Hero Ambassadors helps raise awareness of the urgency and importance of curing childhood cancer. Each one brings forward one more reason we have to find a cure.

Would you like to have a Hero Ambassador visit or speak at your ALSF fundraiser? Request a Hero Ambassador.

Are you interested in becoming a Hero Ambassador? Fill out our online application.

For questions, please email Heather Malandra at [email protected] or call (610) 649-3034.​