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Childhood Cancer Heroes

Meet Sophia: A Childhood Cancer Hero who is One Tough Cookie

“I want chocolate milk, IMMEDIATELY,” those were 4-year-old Sophia’s first words following a seven-hour surgery to remove a tumor on her kidney. 

It is no surprise that little Sophia, who is now 8 years old and a survivor of Wilms’ tumor, the most common type of kidney cancer in children, describes herself  as “one tough cookie.”

The Amazing Maya: How one girl raised over $410,000 for childhood cancer research


by Maya Rigler, Childhood Cancer Hero

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Although I never met Alex, her story has always impacted me. We both fought cancer and were even treated at the same hospital with some of the same doctors. Her home is just a few miles away, and she’s been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember.

Four Things You Can Do to Hold Your Child Steady After a Cancer Diagnosis

by Trish Adkins, ALSF

The moment your child is diagnosed with childhood cancer is the moment your world shifts—forever. Fear, chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, days and nights in the hospital and blood draws become part of your daily routine. For your family, life can feel out of control—and it can be hard to hold your child steady through their diagnosis.