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Turn “I Do” into “I Donate” (5 ways to give back when planning your wedding.) 

When Jackie was planning her wedding to Bobby, the couple decided that their celebration would be about much more than the white dress and big cake. They wanted to share their love with their guests and the world. That’s why they decided to make charity an important part of their celebration. The couple chose Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation as their charity of choice at their bridal shower. “We came together for love in more ways than one that day,” said Jackie, of her wedding shower. Read more about how you can turn “I Do” into “I Donate.”

5 Service Projects for Martin Luther King Jr. Day 

Alex Scott was just 4 years old when she told her parents she wanted to host a lemonade stand. That initial and extraordinary lemonade stand raised $2,000 and launched a movement to cure childhood cancer. Like Alex, all kids can make a difference! Get your own family involved with one of these service projects just in time for the National Day of Service on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. 

Gifts That Give Back to Childhood Cancer Research (The 2019 Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Charity Gift Guide)

’Tis the season for holiday shopping! We’ve got something for everyone on your list. When you shop with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation or one of our partners, your gifts help fund childhood cancer research and raise invaluable awareness of the need for cures! From jewelry to gifts for party hosts to cozy socks, we’ve got something that will make everyone on your list happy.  (And trust us, this stuff is so great, you’ll want to toss in a few gifts for yourself too!)  

How You Can Help Fight Childhood Cancer Every Day

Two weeks after Izzy celebrated her first birthday, her parents noticed unusual stiffness in her neck. They never imagined the cause would be a spinal cord tumor called ganglioglioma. Today, Izzy is 6 years old.  “Over the years Izzy has struggled physically, but grown incredibly strong in who she is as a person,” said Sonia, Izzy's mom. “She is brave and strong. She is humble and kind. And I think that comes from feeling the support of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.”  Here's how you can help fight childhood cancer, for kids like Izzy, every day:

How Giving Tuesday Donations Help Kids with Cancer

At Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), Giving Tuesday is a day for everyone to make a difference for kids fighting cancer.  Your gift will fund researchers looking for safer treatments and cures, and provide travel expense coverage to families as they journey to potentially life-saving treatments. You can also support siblings with comfort and care as they experience childhood cancer on the sidelines. Here’s what your Giving Tuesday donation can do for kids with cancer.

In his own words (Elijah Talley's story)

On October 24, 2019, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) lost a member of our Foundation family. ALSF employee and childhood cancer hero, Elijah Talley passed away at the age of 18. Each of us at ALSF has a fond memory of Elijah--whether it was listening to him play his guitar or working side-by-side with him at events to raise awareness and money for research. Elijah was diagnosed with stage IV neuroblastoma when he was just 4 years old. He fought the disease for 14 years, first at his home hospital in Arkansas. Later, Elijah, together with his parents Dawn and Britt, moved to Philadelphia for treatment at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Elijah always shared his story so generously, hoping to inspire all of us to continue to fight for children and young adults, like him. Elijah dreamed of a world without childhood cancer. In November 2018, Elijah shared his story with the ALSF blog. Here is Elijah's story, in his own words:

9 Service Projects Kids Can Do, Today! 

When 4-year-old Alex Scott began telling her parents about her wish to hold a lemonade stand, they thought it was cute. It was January and too cold to host a lemonade stand. Liz recalls asking Alex, “What is it you would possibly want to buy?”

Alex did not want a new toy or a treat. Alex wanted other kids with cancer to feel better like she did. When she finally hosted her lemonade stand a few months later, Alex took the first step towards her dream. Alex’s first lemonade stand raised over $2,000!