Here are 5 Ways to Help Us Reach $1 Million During The Million Mile

Raise $1 million for childhood cancer research during Alex's Million Mile and Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in December

When Alex was just  4-years-old, she announced she wanted to raise $1 million for childhood cancer research. It sounded impossible—but Alex proved that anything is possible if we work together! This September during Childhood Cancer Awareness month and Alex’s Million Mile (AMM), we are going a million miles and raising $1 million for childhood cancer research. Here’s how you can help:

1. Promote your AMM team on social media.

Encourage your friends, family and social media followers to donate to your team. Those who are unable to join a team can still donate and help you reach your goal.                         

Value: 100 followers at $10 each = $1,000

2. Host a lemonade stand at the end of your run.

Do you run with a group? Plan to end a run with a lemonade stand and ask everyone to donate $1 for every mile they complete. (Bonus: you get to rehydrate with fresh lemonade!)  

Value: $1 per person per mile completed

3. Check for a company donation match.
Many companies match employee donations to charity. Inquire whether your company will agree to match your donations for Alex’s Million Mile! 

Value: $100 donation + a company match= $200

4. Ask for friends to sponsor each mile you go. 

Tell your friends your mileage goal for AMM and ask them to sponsor you for every mile you complete.

Value: $1 per mile you log x 50 miles in September = $50

5. Dress up your competition. 

Think outside the typical sports gear and have your team walk, run, jog or cycle in crazy costumes. Ask your team, friends, family or followers to vote on their favorite costume. The votes will be taken in the form of any monetary value. To vote twice, the voter will match their first vote and so on.

Value: 1 vote= $1, 2 votes= $2, etc. 

How will you help us Journey to a Million? Share your Alex’s Million Mile tips with us and sign up your team today!

Alex's Million Mile