Alex's Lemonade Days

Expand Your Stand

Get the most out of your Alex's Lemonade Days event by expanding your stand. Here's how:

  • Spread the fun of hosting a lemonade stand by asking your friends and family to host their own satellite lemonade stands in their neighborhoods. They can join your team right on your event page. All funds raised at the satellite stands can be combined with your stand total which adds up to sweet success for kids with cancer! Let us know if you have satellite stands so we can mail your participating stands ALSF event kits to support their efforts. 
  • Invite people to attend your event by using the RSVP function on your ALSF event page. This feature allows you to email an invitation to your friends/family and they can easily respond. 
  • Share your page on all of your social media accounts and via email. Be sure to let people know they can donate directly to your event page, if they can't attend in person. 

Check out these short videos that can help you get organized and host a successful stand during Alex's Lemonade Days.

Tips For A Successful Lemonade Stand

How To Promote Your Lemonade Stand

If you have any questions or you want more tips on how to expand your stand, contact [email protected].