Alex's "Original" Lemonade Stand

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Virtual Dance Instructions

Even if we cannot gather together for Alex’s “Original” Lemonade Stand in June, we still want to spread the joyous spirit of this event to everyone. That’s why we are planning to take this year’s Alex’s “Original” dance virtual by asking you to record the dance in your home so ALSF can share your moves with everyone! Upon receiving your dance submissions, we will create a special compilation video to share with supporters on ALSF's social mediaThe deadline to submit your video is Monday, June 1, 2020.

Here are simple instructions for creating and submitting your video:

  1. Review the dance choreography tutorial at home and practice until you are ready to film:

Full Dance with Music (this is what your final video should look like!)

Full Dance with Step by Step Instructions

  1. Film your video! Please film the dance for the entire song and practice safe social distancing efforts while doing so. We encourage you to have fun and be creative! Wear an Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation t-shirt if you have one.
    • If filming on a smartphonehold the phone horizontally and make sure to film in a space that has a lot of light. No need to crop/edit the video - ALSF can do that for you!
    • If filming on a camera: hold the camera horizontally when filming where there is ample light.
  2. Email your video to Laura Cocchia at [email protected] “AO Virtual Dance” as the subject line. Your files may be large in size, so we recommend uploading your video to a file sharing platform like Google Drive, WeTransfer or Dropbox and emailing us a link to download it that way. If you have questions or run into issues, let us know and we can help!
  3. Once all videos are received, ALSF will compile snippets of each submission to create one cohesive video that spans the duration of the song. It will be shared on ALSF social media channels, pitched to local media, and be sent to the Penn Wynne Community upon completion.

PLEASE NOTE: This video will be used in ALSF communications including social media, email, and pitches to the media. ALSF will confirm with each participant upon video submission that they consent to this.

A special shout out and thank you to Leigh Bednoff, long-time ALSF supporter and AO committee member, for choreographing the virtual dance!