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Giving Level: Over $500,000

In 2014, ALEX AND ANI | CHARITY BY DESIGN launched a partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation because they immediately saw a fit with the mission and efforts of the organization. The 2014 Zest for Life charm depicted a 3-D lemon that fittingly encouraged the wearer to be energetic, bright and confident; words that celebrate Alex’s life and her dedication to making the world a better and brighter place. Throughout the partnership, ALEX AND ANI retail stores across the nation have embraced its meaning and have hosted dozens of Lemonade Stands to help bring awareness to an organization helping so many.

In 2015, ALEX AND ANI re-launched the partnership with a new design just in time for the Summer season.  The new bangle’s vibrant colors depicts a slice of a lemon and is meant to remind you that when life hands you lemons, you have the power to take positive action, sweeten the situation, and make lemonade.

Since the partnership launched, ALEX AND ANI has raised over $500,000 for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and continues to shares its passion in helping families and children affected by cancer.

Alex and Ani