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Giving Level: Over $1,000,000

When Alex made plans to hold her lemonade stand in her front yard in Wynnewood, PA, she visited her local Super Fresh grocery store with her Mom to purchase supplies. Upon seeing her cart, loaded with lemonade and cups, the local manager was curious as to what she was planning. After Alex and her mom explained that she was having a stand to help kids with cancer, the manager donated all of the supplies.  That was the beginning of a long, wonderful relationship with our friends at SuperFresh and the entire family of A&P supermarkets, which includes SuperFresh, Waldbaums, Food Emporium, Food Basics, and Path Mark.

For years, A&P Supermarkets have been committed to participating in Lemonade Days, with their employees hosting lemonade stands over that weekend in all of their stores. With nearly 300 locations participating, they are a major force behind the success of Lemonade Days through the years.  Their participation has resulted in increased awareness for Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation and significant funds raised for pediatric cancer research.  Their efforts have raised over $1.9 million to help kids with cancer – that is a lot of lemonade!