Kinber Virtual Lemonade Stand Project

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If you're looking for a unique and meaningful service learning project for your students, please join us for the 2016 Alex's Virtual Lemonade Stand Project brought to you by KINBER and BlueJeans.

Inspired by the journey of Alex, the Alex's Virtual Lemonade Stand Project celebrates the idea that just one kid can make a difference. Join schools from around the world to raise awareness and money for pediatric cancer research, all while participating in face-to-face videoconferencing and standards-based projects that make the process both inspiring and fun. It's all about kids helping kids -- and we want you to get involved!

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As part of this two week program, your class/group can get involved in many ways including:

Be a VJ

We are looking for schools to be our hosts for the kick-off virtual pep rally and the closing celebration event. Host sites will be responsible for working with the project coordinator from KINBER to develop a script for each event, and to provide student anchors/commentators. VJ schools will introduce each guest speaker and school before their presentations and get to “run the show.”

Blog & Vlog about the Project

We would love for your students to be project bloggers and vloggers during the event. Your students can either contribute to the project blog or write for your own school blog and we'll link to it. Schools are encouraged to Vlog about their experiences during the project and share on the YouTube page.

Enter the MAKE A DIFFERENCE Commercial Contest

Alex made a difference in her community by helping others with the simple idea of a lemonade stand—we want your students to think about what they can do to make a difference in their community. Challenge your students to reflect on the statement: “How can I make a difference?” and then use digital tools to create a 45 second commercial video. Each school is eligible to submit one commercial entry. The commercial with the most likes on YouTube wins!

Enter the Alex’s Virtual Lemonade Stand Poster Contest

The best way to sell lots of lemonade is to get the word out! Each school that participates in the poster contest project should conduct a school-wide “lemonade sale poster” contests. The top scoring poster entry at each school should then be submitted to the national contest. National poster entries need to be photographed and scanned as .jpeg images. We’ll post all of the entries on the project blog and the winning entry will be featured on the ALSF website! Posters are judged on a rubric system posted on the project website.

Create a Lemonade Stand Project

Schools participating in this project will have 2 weeks to host an Alex's Lemonade Stand. Sites can have a one-day lemonade stand fundraiser or hold a stand every day for a week - - or some other combination. After each day of sales, schools will record their fundraising so we can keep track of how the entire project is doing. Each participating school will receive a package of resources from Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation.

Participate in the Kick-Off Virtual Spirit Rally and Celebration Videoconferences

These multisite videoconference events are how we bring everyone around the world together to share their projects! During each program, your school will have time to share a brief presentation. The first videoconference is our spirit event, so your school has 30 seconds to show its lemonade spirit, introduce themselves and share why they’re participating in the project. During the celebration videoconference, schools will have one minute to share their projects. We encourage creativity in project presentations! Both programs will also involve special guests.

Create Your Own Optional Project Contest

Create your own optional project! If it's not listed here and you want to create your own unique and fun way to raise money and awareness about Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation please do! Creativity and humor are always appreciated. The top original newly created optional project will receive a special acknowledgement on the wrap-up event!

Social Media

Use social media to post photos, tweets and posts of your school getting ready for their stand, holding their stand, or participating in the live videoconference events and then be sure to tag them with the hashtag #avls2016 and @alexslemonade. The top 5 photos/posts with the most "likes' or shares on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook will be our winning photos and will be highlighted in a special photo gallery! Spread the good word of your schools' fundraising efforts far and wide using your social media channels! Remember to tag your photos with #avls2016 so we can find them.

Lemonade Stand Flair Contest

This optional contest was the suggestion of one of our great VJ teams in the past who thought it would be good to have a contest for the best decorated Lemonade Stand! What can you do to make your stand have the most flair? Is it a theme? Balloons? Art? Use your imagination and get creative. Make it stand out and attract people to your stand! Stands will be judged based on a rubric available on the project website.