The Lemon Climb Denver

Let's begin!

To register, you'll need:

  • The name, email address, age, and t-shirt size for yourself and any other people you are registering.
  • To decide if you're joining an existing team or creating your own team. If you are joining an existing team, make sure to have the correct team name.  
  • An icy-cold, refreshing glass of lemonade (optional).

Each individual is required to raise a minimum of $100 ($400 if you choose the "Denver Double Marathon & Climb" registration option) in order to participate in this event.

Registration Options:

Lemon Climber
Climb 43 flights
$25 registration fee, $100 fundraising minimum

Denver Double Marathon & Climb
Climb 43 flights and participate in the Colfax Marathon with Team Lemon
$25 registration fee, $400 fundraising minimum

Fast Pass
No climbing, take the elevator to check out the views and then join the after party
$15 registration fee, no fundraising minimum