Endsley’s 10 years Cancer Free CELEBRATION!

The Batton Family
June 7, 2019
Morgantown, WV

After Endsley was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma at 2 years old, her family made it their mission to do whatever they could for children fighting cancer. Now, Endsley and her family celebrate her being 10 years cancer-free by holding lemonade stands and continuing to support childhood cancer research.

Their stand had humble beginnings as a little table with some lemonade and a jar at a neighborhood bank. It has since grown into a fun, carnival-style event with games and prizes and even a local partnership. They serve lemonade from a beautiful, homemade stand, and their community MVB Bank matches all the funds they raise.

“I love seeing my daughter share her story with strangers who stop by just because they saw our ALSF sign, and hearing their own stories of how they came to know about the ALSF!” said Tiffney, Endsley’s mom.

Tiffney’s Tip to Stand Hosts: “Start small, don't make your stand over the top. A table, a sign, lemonade, and cups are all you need. Of course it helps to have some adorably irresistible kids to pour lemonade!