Lemon-Aiders for Maddy

The Benyr Family
June 8-9, 2019
Bella Vista, AR

Maddy was your typical 12-year-old middle schooler getting ready to start 7th grade when her family found out she had stage 4 hepatoblastoma. The cancer was so aggressive, her battle lasted less than a month before she passed away. Realizing how much still needed to be done to find cancer treatments and cures for children like their daughter Maddy, the Benyr family wanted to do something positive to help other children and their families in this fight.

As a lifelong Girl Scout, they knew Maddy would have wanted to help others too. So with some selfless assistance from her Girl Scout Troop (#5340), the Lemon-Aiders for Maddy lemonade stand was born. They set up the stand outside a local grocery store, Allen’s Foods, who also sponsored them and provided most of the supplies and lemonade. Girls from Maddy’s troop made signs and Maddy’s family manned the table. Between online and in-person donations, they raised more than $2,000 in a single day.

“We enjoyed interacting with our community and honoring Maddy’s memory in a meaningful way,” said Kim Benyr, Maddy’s mom. “It was an emotional day, but incredibly worth it to see how much our daughter is loved and remembered.”

Kim’s Tip to Stand Hosts: “Definitely enlist the help of your community and local businesses, especially if you’ve had a relationship with them through the years. It helps to have a lot of traffic! Also, share the link online for those who can’t come in-person to your event.”