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Max Levine and Matt Schechter met at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Voorhees (NJ) Oncology Clinic in the summer of 2005. Both boys were dealing with cancer – Matt with a high risk form of leukemia and Max with neuroblastoma. Over the months they became friends and when Max entered the same high school as Matt, they found themselves spending lots of time together, especially in the nurse’s office. They both loved video games, scary movies and roller coasters; and because both were dealing with cancer, they understood the daily challenges each faced. This made their relationship very special, filled with great respect for one another. The friendship between the boys brought our families together as well.

When Max passed away in 2008, the Levine family started the Max Levine Fund for Neuroblastoma Research through Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). Max had the same disease as Alex and all funds raised went directly toward neuroblastoma. Matt and the Schechter Family were very involved in the fund from all aspects.

In 2010, Matt lost his 7-year battle with leukemia. Before he passed away, he asked if he could have a fund through ALSF like his best friend did. He wanted things to be better for other kids and families; and like Max, Matt wanted a cure for cancer.

To honor both our sons, the M&M (Max & Matt) Fund for High Risk Pediatric Cancer was formed from Max’s Fund. The monies our families raise together are directed toward research into high risk pediatric cancers, such as the ones that took Max and Matt.

Matt and Max 2006

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Max Levine

Max Levine

In March 2001, when he was 10-years-old, Max Levine came home from school complaining of hip pain. We thought it was growing pains. His pediatricians thought it was loose joints. And the rheumatologists at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) thought it might be Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis...

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Matt Schechter

Matt Schechter

It’s so strange to think back in time when our lives were so very different and our son Matt wasn’t diagnosed with ALL. Matt was always big for his age, his Dad is 6 ft. 4, always off the doctor’s charts for height and weight and very healthy. He was an avid bowler, he made many friends at the local bowling alley...

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Fundraisers with Recent Donations

Fundraising Page NameLocationAmount
Life Hands You Lemons FundraiserPhiladelphia,, PA$1,655
For our heroes Matt & Max -M&M FundWilmington, NC$25
March for MattyCherry Hill, NJ$1,295
Alex's Lemonade Stand for M&M FundGlassboro, NJ$408
Mitzvah Day at Temple Beth SholomCherry Hill, NJ$645
Art Blooms Earth Festival- M&M FUNDCherry Hill, NJ$1,111
Miche Bag and Massage for M&M Cherry Hill, NJ$300
Temple Beth SholomCherry Hill, NJ$238
Collingswood Book FestivalCollingswood, NJ$994
Mattie 5k in Pier Village NJ long branch, NJ$450
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