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Stands and Events

Let's begin!

We appreciate your interest in holding a lemonade stand or other event! We are watching the evolving COVID-19 situation and are committed to keeping our supporters and their communities safe. We also are committed to funding research into new cures and services to help families of children with cancer. To balance these two things we recommend:

  • June events: Be held virtually or follow social distance recommendations; no physical lemonade stand or events that involve close up in-person interaction.
  • Events scheduled for July or later: Comply with your state recommendations; these events may be able to happen in-person, or a member of the ALSF team can help you make the switch to a virtual or social distanced event. We will be in touch closer to your event date to see what is happening with your area and the overall status of the pandemic.

Once registration is complete, you’ll be connected with a coach (by email) to answer your questions and provide ideas and resources to make your event a sweet success.