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Comfort & Care Program

What We Do

SuperSibs Comfort and Care program is free and provides mailings to children ages 4-18 who live in the United States and have (or had) a sibling with cancer.  Participating children receive support mailings from SuperSibs over a two-year period.

Each child and teen receives age-appropriate, evidence-based, personalized materials to reassure them that they’re not alone or overlooked, that the mix of feelings they may be experiencing is OK and that support is available to help them manage through and beyond this period.

Here’s what families can expect from SuperSibs Comfort and Care Program:

  • For Parents - Introductory Parent Toolkit and periodic parent e-newsletters which will include resources, helpful tips and coping tools.
  • For Siblings - Six mailings per year for two years, containing age-appropriate support resources and fun activities to help manage this turbulent time. Each mailing validates the child’s feelings, provides insight and encouragement to reach out for support, and offers recognition of the child’s uniqueness and importance in the family.

For siblings experiencing bereavement, we offer age-appropriate bereavement support. A child’s grieving journey is different from the grieving process of an adult. Our bereavement packages are designed to gently help brothers and sisters through their grief, providing support to continue life with hope and strength, knowing they are not alone.

Who is eligible for SuperSibs Comfort and Care Program?

Children who…

  • Are between the ages of 4 and 18 years old
  • Have a sibling diagnosed with cancer: being treated, out of treatment or passed away
  • Reside in the United States

Who can refer children to the SuperSibs Program?

  1. Authorized family representative: Social Worker, Child Life Specialist, Nurse
  2. Parent or Guardian

In addition to the mailings, families who enroll in the Comfort and Care program will have the opportunity to make their voices heard by being invited to join the Sibling Ambassador program or participate in research.  These are optional programs and participants may opt out at any time by contacting [email protected].

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