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Healthcare Professionals

Thank you for the care and compassion that you provide for those affected by cancer.  

As you know, when a child is diagnosed with cancer or another life threatening illness, the entire family needs support and healing. Below are some resources to help you provide family centered care to the families and siblings under your care.

Refer Siblings to SuperSibs’ Comfort and Care Program

SuperSibs’ Comfort and Care program is free and provides mailings to children ages 4-18 who live in the United States and have (or had) a sibling with cancer.  Refer a sibling to SuperSibs!

Find out if ALSF’s Travel For Care Program is a Fit

The Travel For Care Program offers assistance to families who face the need to travel for childhood cancer treatment at select medical institutions across the US. Transportation, lodging, and meal accommodations are available to eligible families who meet our criteria. Applications must be received on behalf of a social worker or another medical representative. Find out more or apply.

Request a (free) Treatment Journal

The Treatment Journal will help parents stay organized and keep track of important information.  You can request hard copies of our journal in bulk to give out to families, or you can refer parents to create their own online journal.  Request a free copy or view the online version.


Coming soon! A new guidebook for schools. Pre-order your copy here.

Request a Free Referral Toolkit!

Available Now: Sign-up to receive your free Referral Toolkit OR download the Referral Toolkit Materials.

The toolkits are geared toward healthcare professionals located in the US working with families who have experienced a childhood cancer diagnosis, including Social Workers, Child Life Specialist, Nurses and Physicians.