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SuperSib Ambassador Program

The SuperSib Ambassador program allows siblings of children with cancer to share their stories and experiences with other families, ALSF and SuperSib supports, and even researchers. The program allows siblings to pick their own level of involvement which can range from speaking at events, visiting schools in their community (which usually include creative and fun lemonade stands!!), to holding their own events.  Each Sibling Ambassador adds their own voice to the fight and helps raise awareness about the importance of curing childhood cancer.  Not only is this empowering and cathartic for a sibling, but it shows the breadth of childhood cancer’s impact and brings forward one more reason to find a cure.

How does the process work?  

Anyone who registers their fundraising event online is asked if they’d like an Ambassador to either speak at or attend their event. ALSF will follow up on their request and ensure that the setting is appropriate for an Ambassador. Once confirmed, we will reach out to a family, based on their preferences, as well as distance to the event.  We will try our best to match all Ambassadors with events, however please know that these requests do not come regularly.  The requests come more often during our busy spring/summer season, but are infrequent during the fall and winter.  Additionally, it depends on the location of the event and your preferences (type of event, distance, group size, etc).  That will be discussed during the phone meeting as mentioned in the paragraph above.

Interested in being an Ambassador?

If you are a parent/caregiver of a child who had/has cancer, or a sibling of a child who has cancer and are interested in becoming one of our Ambassador spokespeople, we’d love to have you!  Please sign-up below and we will follow up with an email to confirm your participation and set up a phone interview.  A training PowerPoint and FAQ will follow.

Click here to sign up to be a SuperSib Ambassador!