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We know how hard it is to juggle your roles as parent and caregiver in “normal times,” let alone when a child has cancer.

One thing that’s often most difficult for parents is to meet the differing needs of each of their children – both the one with cancer as well as the brothers and sisters.  SuperSibs recognizes this need and has created this section of resources for you.  We hope you find them helpful in your journey.

Parent Toolkit

When your child is signed up for SuperSibs’ Comfort and Care program, the first mailing you will receive is a parent toolkit which is full of tips, ideas and resources to support your family.   These days, the influx of coupons, advertisements and junk that come through the mail can be grueling to manage, so if you have misplaced yours or simply prefer to read it online, we have made the Parent Tool Kit available in PDF form.

In addition, you can download the Kids Information and Stats Sheet (KISS) to help communicate your SuperSibs’ needs with babysitters, family members and other temporary caregivers. We recommend filling one out per sibling.  For fun creative ways to help your child who has cancer and their brother or sister stay in touch during a hospital stay, download our PS-I Love You! idea sheet.

Print these Coupons and give them to your SuperSib to redeem when they are feeling like they need some extra TLC.

Sibling and School Guide

Teachers, school counselors, social workers and principals spend a lot of time with our kids, and they can be a great source of support and strength. In your Parent Toolkit there is a section with tips for schools, we feel that it is so important to share this handout with your child’s teachers that we have made a version that is easy to email or print: School Guide

Also, you can download the Sibling TEAM Form that is meant to be filled out with your SuperSibs’ school counselor or teacher so they can better understand the potential challenges facing siblings and create a supportive plan to facilitate coping, healing and school success.

Request a (free) Treatment Journal

The Treatment Journal will help you stay organized and keep track of important information.  You can request a hard copy of our journal, or you can create your own online journal, which you can update anywhere you have internet access.  Request a free copy.

Parent Feedback About SuperSibs! Impact

“Thank you so much for your organization. You have truly made my son feel so special during a time that has been difficult for him!” – Marion R, SuperSib Mom

“I recently referred my 17-year old son to your group as he is struggling to deal with the fact that his sister has cancer. You might not think that these packages would make a 17 yr old boy’s eyes light up, but believe me it does. Cancer takes a lot out of out of the patients, and it takes even a little more out of the siblings. THANK YOU for making my son feel as if there is someone there to brighten his day and make his heart a little lighter, especially when I’m not able to be there for him.” – Melissa S, SuperSib Mom

“Thank you for all you’re doing for these valiant siblings. David really appreciates everything you send him. Each time he opens something, it seems that he’s thinking, ‘At last, someone is thinking about me.’” – Donna and Marty, SuperSib Parents