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Sibling Voices

AlexanderSiblings share their thoughts on how they were helped through their cancer journey.

“Through the efforts of my neighbors, who cooked us dinner, watched my younger siblings while I was in school, and even organized a blood drive in my brother’s honor, I gained a much larger sense of community.” -Kyle D.

“One day I wore a sign on my forehead that said ‘My name is Katherine… NOT “How’s Holly?”’ I was struggling so much, too.” -Kathryn J.

“My friends were a major part of what helped me the most.  I was always able to turn to them. I love my friends for everything they’ve done for me, and I  am grateful that I had them through that tough time.” -Tahnee B.

“One night I came home from practice and my brother and my parents were at a doctor’s appointment.  I was home alone and on my own for dinner.  Within fifteen minutes, there were three dinners from three families delivered to our door.  I was so overwhelmed by the love shown by them.” -Katie O.

“Our friends often have suggestions for ways to be helpful, or can simply be a sounding board.” -Landon N.

“By the time I started opening up to my friends, I had hit rock bottom. But, they lifted me up to where I needed to be.  Talking to friends about what goes on at home helps, because they can support you every step of the way.” -Emily S.

“I saw what living in a small community really meant when over 100 friends and family members came forward and harvested my family’s crop for us.” -Lauren M.

“I highly recommend finding a phenomenal friend, whether the friend is a dog, person or stuffed animal.  It is vital that you are able to openly express your feelings with someone close that will not judge or criticize you.” -Katherine H.