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Get Involved with the Young Professionals of ALSF

Active members are invited to participate in one of our Young Professionals of ALSF in Philadelphia sub-committees. See below for a list of sub-committees, as well as any open leadership positions. We look forward to having you on board!

Events Committee

Events Committee

Top row – Troy Davis, Catherine Schreiner, Danielle Cormier-Smith, Kevin Gross, Lindsay Bues, David Charton, Katie English, Erin Ohlsen and Jessica Thompson. Bottom row – Shira Rosenwald, Jen Sarnocinski, Michael Newman and Stephanie Reaves.​   

Open Leadership Positions

Events Co-Chair

  • The Event Co-Chair will  work closely with the Event Chair to oversee all of the Young Professionals of ALSF events. With the help of the different event sub-committees the Event Co-Chair will help make our members and event attendees have an amazing experience!

Membership Chair

  • The Membership Chair will help with recruitment, retention, membership meetings, and member benefits. The Membership Chair will work with the different sub-committees to share their passion of ALSF to the new and returning members of the Young Professionals of ALSF.

Events Committee:

The Events Committee plans and hosts fundraising and volunteer events throughout the year. Members of the Events Committee will plan and coordinate the annual event calendar, focusing on fundraising events. Each member will assist with the planning and logistics of at least one event each year and assist with recruiting volunteers and sponsors to support the event. The Events Committee also coordinates sponsorships with ALSF. You can get involved by joining the below sub-committees.

  • Speakeasy Committee 
  • Wine Mixer Committee 
  • Alex’s Million Mile Committee
  • Lemonade Days Committee
  • Lemon Run Committee
  • Ronald McDonald House Volunteer Committee 

Membership Committee:

The Membership Committee is charged with enhancing engagement and retention efforts among past and present YP members, the recruitment of new members, new member orientation and gaining insight into the motivation of current Young Professionals of ALSF members through a membership survey. Members also plan events to engage new members and introduce them to the rest of the Young Professionals of ALSF. You can get involved by joining the below sub-committees.

  • Membership Recruitment Committee
  • Membership Meetings Committee 
  • Membership Benefit Events Committee 
  • Membership onboarding Committee 

For more information about joining a Young Professionals of ALSF Committee, contact Emily Mullen at (866) 333-1213 or [email protected]rg.