Childhood Cancer Families Need Your Help (Covid-19)

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More Than Ever, Childhood Cancer Families Need Your Help

Children with cancer are immunocompromised, which means they have a weakened immune system and a reduced ability to fight illnesses, including COVID-19.

For many children, the best, most promising treatment is not available at their local hospital, meaning they must travel to receive care. As the CDC notes, crowded spaces like airports and other forms of public transportation can increase the risk of exposure to COVID-19. Unfortunately, for children with cancer, treatment cannot wait.

COVID-19 is also slowing the pace of new treatments and cures. Social distancing has led to the closure of many university labs, pausing impactful research. The world of childhood cancer is facing uncertainty.

Why Give Monthly?

Your gift of $5 or more a month will make it possible for ALSF to continue helping kids with cancer. When you give monthly, ALSF can depend on your consistent support when emergencies strike. Your support will fuel our efforts during this critical time and into the future.

Children with cancer need you now more than ever. Become a monthly donor today.

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Our Solution

At ALSF, we believe it’s important to come together and look out for one another. ALSF is using emergency funds to offer additional hotel stays, so families can remain close to treatment and avoid travel on public transportation and airplanes. We are also providing grocery cards to help cover the cost of meals for childhood cancer families.

What You Can Do

COVID-19 is impacting our ability to fulfill our mission – we will be missing critical funds due to necessary postponements of fundraising events to preserve the health and safety of our supporters.

With decades of experience supporting the childhood cancer community, we are equipped to make a difference now. But we need your help. Childhood cancer families need your help.

Your support will help children stay close to treatment, supply vital funds for groceries and accelerate research to make up for lost time once labs reopen.

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