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Supporting Siblings

We understand that childhood cancer affects the whole family, not only the child who receives the diagnosis. SuperSibs is dedicated to comforting, encouraging and empowering siblings of children with cancer, so they can face the future with courage and hope.

Use the links below to register for our Comfort & Care Mailing Programs, get connected, and find resources to support the SuperSibs in your life. 

SuperSib Mailing Program

Comfort & Care Mailing Programs

Age-appropriate mailings to children 4-18 years old who have experienced a childhood cancer diagnosis of a sibling.

Tips for Talking to SuperSibs

Helpful Resources for Family Members or Friends

Tips for talking to siblings, ALSF services, and supportive worksheets.

SuperSib Ambassadors Program

Sibling Ambassador Program

Provide siblings of children with cancer the opportunity to share their unique experience with other families, ALSF and SuperSibs supporters, and even researchers.

Summer Camps

Camps for Childhood Cancer Families

Explore camps for siblings, heroes, and the whole family.

School Support

School Support

Resources for families, school professionals, and community members following a childhood cancer diagnosis.

SuperSib Stories

SuperSibs Stories

Read others’ experiences and submit your SuperSib’s unique story here.