Childhood Cancer

Childhood Cancer

Information on standard treatments

Treatments for various types of childhood cancers evolve and improve over time. The treatments described in this chapter were the ones most commonly used for newly diagnosed children (called standard treatments) when this book was written. You can learn about standard treatments by calling (800) 422-6237 and asking for the PDQ (physician data query) for neuroblastoma. This free information, also available online at (scroll down to “Neuroblastoma, childhood”) explains the disease, state-of-the-art treatments, and ongoing clinical trials. Two versions are available:

•  One for families—uses simple language and contains no statistics; and

•  One for professionals—is technical, thorough, and includes citations to scientific literature.

To learn about current Phase III clinical trials for neuroblastoma, you can visit the National Cancer Institute’s website Type “neuroblastoma” in the “Cancer type/condition” box and then choose Phase III in the “Trial status/phase” box. Then click the red “Search” button at the bottom of the page.