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Latest General Pediatric Cancer grants

Suzanne MacFarland, MD, Principal Investigator
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Young Investigator Grants, Awarded 2019
Anne Kirchhoff, PhD/MPH, Principal Investigator
University of Utah
Epidemiology Grants, Awarded 2019
Yael Mossé, MD & Julie Park, MD, Principal Investigator
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Crazy 8 Initiative, Awarded 2019

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Every day, everywhere, children are diagnosed with cancer. Right now, children are in hospitals receiving frontline treatment following a diagnosis. Other children are beginning a clinical trial following a relapse. Still others face long-... more
Last year, we shared the story of 14-year-old Eden Green, who loves to take photos and dance. Eden was in treatment for a form of childhood cancer so rare, that doctors did not have a clinical name for it. After 4 months of treatment on a... more
by Trish Adkins

For Eden, the trouble began when she was 10 years old. The trouble had a name: pain. It seemed normal at first—maybe a side effect from dancing or growing. But then it never went away and then, suddenly, Eden could not... more