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Germ Cell Tumor

Germ cell tumors are benign or malignant tumors that can arise in the testes of boys, ovaries of girls, and in “extra-gondal” sites (such as the brain). Benign tumors (mature teratomas) are treated with surgery alone. Malignant germ cell tumors are also treated with chemotherapy, and sometimes radiation therapy. 

Latest Germ Cell Tumor grants

Jenny Poynter, MPH, Principal Investigator
Regents of the University of Michigan
Epidemiology Grants, Awarded 2017
Michael Spinella, Ph.D. , Principal Investigator
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Reach Grants, Awarded 2014
Catherine Metayer, MD, PhD, Principal Investigator
University of California Berkeley
Epidemiology Grants, Awarded 2014

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