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Creating Change One Cup at a Time: How the STP Investment Services Team Made a Big Impact for Kids with Cancer


For Annie-Marie Staples, Executive Assistant to CEO Patrick Murray at STP Investment Services (STP), the story of Alex Scott, founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF), resonated with her company’s own guiding mantra:

“No one has success without having been helped by someone else.”

By maximizing a modest community outreach budget, STP, a financial services firm in West Chester, PA, mobilized their team of around 60 to follow in Alex’s footsteps by hosting lemonade stands in the “front yard” of their office building.

“Our summer lemonade stands make for a fun, festive evening. Our building is on a busy street in downtown West Chester, and we can capture the high foot traffic. Hosting the stand was not only something we could do after work together as colleagues, but our families could participate as well,” said Staples.

For the team at STP, the story of Alex Scott and the immediate need for more childhood cancer research inspired participation. It also fit their company culture and reinforced their values of supporting each other, giving back and recognizing that success comes from working together.

“Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, located not far from STP, is also a trustworthy, reputable organization we knew our people could feel secure in supporting,” said Staples. For businesses looking to make a big impact, she explained, ALSF is an ideal match.

The Foundation is there to provide materials, support and guidance throughout the planning process. In addition, you can make your fundraiser anything you want — if a lemonade stand isn’t the right fit, you can create the same impact for your company and for children with cancer by hosting a fundraiser that better aligns with your company culture.

For other businesses who want to fundraise for ALSF, Anne-Marie provided the following tips for a successful event:

  • Coordinate your fundraiser with another event at the office or in your community; STP uses a family-friendly event in their town to add additional foot traffic to their stand.
  • Tie your philanthropy to goals in your office; STP’s wellness committee utilizes ALSF’s athletic fundraising events to encourage fitness and mental health.
  • Connect the dots as to why this cause is part of your company’s mission and values, as well as the impact you are making; share Alex’s story or other childhood cancer hero stories to make it personal and resonate with the team.

For more information about how to get involved, visit

STP has a strong spirit of community involvement and philanthropy. We love being able to partner with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation to make a bigger impact than we could alone. The legacy of Alex Scott, to cure cancer one cup at a time, is one of hope and determination that we are proud to support.

Patrick Murray, CEO,
STP Investment Services