Major Gifts

Your major gift to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation advances cutting-edge childhood cancer research, bringing us closer to cures for all children. Your gift also improves the quality of life and care for children who are now battling the disease.

Questions? Email Melanie Gould at [email protected] to discuss your gift today.

Co-Fund an ALSF Research Project

You can fund a project that has been carefully vetted by ALSF's highly qualified advisors and meets the funding criteria you and ALSF have established. You will also receive annual updates on project progress for the duration of the grant. Please note, co-funding partners generally have at least $25,000 to distribute.

Search for cures of an individual cancer

Interested in a particular childhood cancer? Create your own grant program in the research area of your choice. This grant opportunity will go through ALSF’s full grant review process to ensure the most promising projects are chosen.

Fund a world-leading researcher

Support the researchers that are at the top of the pediatric cancer world through a Scientific Scholar Award. These extremely talented scientists are resource constrained – and you can change that. Naming options are available.

Include Alex’s Lemonade Stand in your planned gift

Alex created a legacy that will last for generations – you can do the same through a planned gift to ALSF .

Name a grant in honor of a loved one

Honor your loved one or family through named grant opportunities and endowments in any ALSF research grant category.

Disrupt the Existing Pediatric Cancer Research Model

ALSF data scientists are harnessing the power of big data to accelerate the path to cures. You can become a founding partner of the Childhood Cancer Data Lab.

Help Kids with Cancer Reach their Treatment

Many childhood cancer families must travel far distances to get the treatment their child needs. This is a burden not all families can afford. With your support, we can help more families reach their cancer treatments through ALSF’s Travel For Care program, so that every family can focus on what’s most important: their child’s health.

Donate through Donor-Advised Funds

ALSF accepts gifts through all donor-advised funds. You can donate to ALSF via the widget below by selecting your brokerage. If you cannot find your Donor-Advised Fund in DAF Direct, see below for more options.