Team Captain: Bethany H.

Fundraiser Details


We had a beautiful day and awesome turnout to our Lemonade Stand on May 14th at MSDB. During our stand, and through generous donors who came forward afterward, we have raised over $1,000!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all the people who helped serve, helped make treats and who donated money. We couldn't have done it without every one of you!

Our Hawaiian-themed stand was a hit, and people loved the bright leis, parrots and palm trees surrounding the lemonade stand. We had a ton of goodies ranging from rice crispy treats that looked like watermelons, to flower shaped cookies, to 7-up cupcakes and more! Strawberry lemonade was a hit as always, but many people loved the lemony lemonade too.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

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After a FANTASTIC year last year, MSDB is ready to sell more lemonade and spread more awareness about pediatric cancer! As the years go by, it's so exciting to see our students become more and more enthusiastic about the cause and learn how important it is to help others.

On May 8th, we participated in the virtual Alex's Lemonade Stand Kickoff with schools from around the world! We were thrilled to be part of such an awesome, service-oriented community. For our "minute of fame", we performed LEMON ROCK, a lemonade stand-themed version of "We Will Rock You".

Want to sing along at home? Set to the tune of "We Will Rock You," here's LEMON ROCK:

Cancer you're lame 'cause you cause a lot of pain
Hurtin' little children, gonna getcha some day
You got mud on your face,
You big disgrace
Spreading your germs all over the place!
Singing ....

We will, We will BEAT you!
We will, We will BEAT you!

Lemons you're sour 'cause you got a lot o' power,
Mixin' in some sugar gonna make you sweet
Cookies on the plate
You delish taste
Sellin' our wares all over the place

We will, We will SELL you!
We will, We will SELL you!

To make life even better, we recently found out we were one of three winners of the Alex's Lemonade Foundation Spirit Award!! GO MUSTANGS!!!

Pictures from our 2013 MSDB Lemonade Stand. We made $800 in 2 hours! Thanks to our students, staff, parents and community members who supported us.

We are SO excited about the $800 we raised. That being said, our goal is $1,000 and with your help we are confident that we can make it!

How do you donate?

* Donating on this fundraising page by clicking the orange donate button on the right side
* Sending checks to MSDB with Alex's Lemonade Stand in the subject line
Our address is 3911 Central Ave, Great Falls, MT.

EVERY bit of your money goes to the Alex's Lemonade Foundation to support pediatric cancer.

We couldn't do it without your help! Thanks for fighting cancer one cup at a time!!!

Our Lemonade Stand:

On May 9th, we had BEAUTIFUL weather, and we opened up our lemonade stand at 2:30 with 2 kinds of lemonade and a plethora of delicious goodies made by our life skill classes at MSDB as well as donated by staff. Thanks to a steady flow of customers, we never felt TOO busy, but we served lemonade and snacks until 4:30. Our policy was that customers could donate whatever they felt was fair. In 2 hours we had raised $800!!! We are so proud of our students and thankful to the MSDB and Great Falls communities for helping us raise so much money.

Thanks to Alex, we now know we can make a difference one cup of lemonade at a time!

On May 7th, our whole school got together for an hour for Alex's Lemonade Stand's virtual kickoff. To prepare, we wrote and practiced singing and signing our song "In the Lemonade Stand". Also, our tech classes made an awesome commercial (see it HERE: for the commercial contest. It was fantastic seeing all of the other schools doing ALS fundraisers and seeing what they'd come up with for the kickoff.

Here are the words to our song (Sung to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight") if you want to sing along at home!


In the stand, the lemonade stand, Alex is her name
In the stand, the lemonade stand, Alex is her name

Donate money (5x)

Kick the cancer, the awful cancer, buy some lemonade
Kick the cancer, the awful cancer, buy some lemonade.