Fighting childhood cancer with Ken Bettencourt

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Steve and Jamie Zink donated


We just passed you in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania!! You seemed so genuine and happy while waving to the motorists!! Best of luck on your adventure. We are proud to support you and your cause and wish you safe travels

Just want to thank everybody who has donated recently to Alex's on my behalf. Godspeed.

The Walkers donated


God Bless Ken and safe travels!

The Puckett Family donated


Saw you on your bike in Warsas, Indiana. We hope you reach your goal! Good luck out there!

The Moore's donated


Just passed you in Fort Wayne, IN. Awesome quest! Safe travels to you :)

Anonymous donated


Ellingson family donated


For Zach

the Clays donated


I just saw you on the corner of Pond and 140 in Franklin, MA. I'm so impressed by what you are doing. Stay safe! Best of luck!

Cassandra and Linda donated


Saw you biking in Thompson, CT. Keep it up!

Anonymous donated