Organizer: Malinda Ann H.

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Tai Fung donated


You caught the unicorn Malinda — now run with it!

Thanks so very much to Ian, Elissa, Ann and Alyssa for your generous donations!

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Ian Mackenzie donated


Good luck & thank you for running in support of a charity. If you stick to the right at the finish, maybe I can give you your medal.

Elissa Feinberg donated


Malinda, I am in awe of you; not only for your perseverance and determination, but for your kindness and generosity! You are going to be amazing (because you already are!)

Ann Zagrapan donated


Good luck Malinda!! Tough girls tough it out and you inspire us all!

Alyssa Bekowies donated


Congrats Mindy and good luck!

Many thanks to The Afghan Whigs for their music that keeps me running!