Organizer: Careen L.

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Mystery bags were a hit, all 23 sold in less than 6 hours!

“Slime Saves Lives” was back for a 2nd year, this time made with hand sanitizer to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. All 28 slimes sold!

Our furry fundraisers

City of Perry, Michigan donated


We counted and counted again and then counted a third time and still can’t believe it... our awesome little town raised $528.72 for pediatric cancer research today! A record breaker by far. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who stopped by!

Congratulations on hosting another awesome ALSF event this year! Your continued support helps fund research for pediatric cancer, bringing us one step closer to a cure. Thank you for being part of the fight against childhood cancer!

- Tatiana, your Event Coach

Perryfest 2019 donated


It was a memorable year for sure! We went from sweltering hot to soaking wet, but still managed to raise $250 in about 5 hours! We are grateful beyond words to everyone who helps out or stops by! Thank you all!

Parade 2019

"Slime Saves Lives by Darrell" helped raise $32.43 in 2019!