Organizer: Rebecca K.

Fundraiser Details


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Tigersharks Lemonade Stand donated


This is the total collected at the lemonade stand on August 9. Congratulations and great work, Tigersharks!

The Kehres Family donated


Mrs. Jasmine's Mom donated


Hey Tigersharkes...Great job on your lemonade stand! I just wanted to congratulate you on your hardwork!

Gail and David Jacoby donated


The Ghanta Family donated


Way to go, Tigersharks!

Little Explorers Child Development Inc. donated


Congratulations to the Tigersharks for a very successful fundraiser! We are very proud of you, -LECDI (The Parent Board)

Bora's family from Turkey donated


We love you Bora, and great job Tigersharks!

Amanda, Brian and Anthony donated


Way to go Tigersharks! We are so proud of you!

Mrs. Jasmine donated


Great Job Tigersharks!! You all have done an amazing job on the lemonade stand and I am so glad I had the chance to do it with you all. Good Luck Today!

Jasmine Thompson joined the team!