Starts game 1 - finishes at the end of the season

Charlotte Duncan donated


Ginny & Jerry donated


Good luck to our dear Graham, on his senior season, and his Kick-It charity goal.

The Deaton-Snyder Family pledged

$1.00 per Extra Point

Pledging for lots of extra points this season! Best of luck!

Christian Massie and family pledged

$1.50 per Extra Point

Good luck GW & set a record this year!

Martha Riggins pledged

$1.00 per Extra Point

Best of luck to you and the entire team! I am soooo proud of you!

We Reached


Dana H donated


Good luck Graham!!!

Brian & Julia Hunt donated


We are so proud of you Graham!

Anne and Darrin Wald pledged

$1.00 per Extra Point

Awesome cause! We are extremely proud of you Graham!❤️

Tim and Jil Hicks donated


Important cause! Thank you, Graham! :-))