Organizer: Luke A.

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Congratulations on hosting an amazing stand! You did an incredible job fundraising and truly made a difference in funding pediatric cancer research. We appreciate your support and dedication!

The Burgher Family donated


The Sheller Family donated


So great what you are doing, keep up the awesome job!

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Cousin Mariellen donated


Bless you for your kindness and dedication to this, Luke. You are an an awesome young man. Best of luck to you and your team!

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Denise & Dan Dolan donated


"Good Cause"!!!

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We are just one week away from our 4th annual Alex's Lemonade Stand!!!

Menu 2019:


Pink Lemonade

Soft Pretzels

Cotton Candy

Rita's Water Ice

(Rita's donated by Rita's of Warrington (611 & County Line)