Organizer: Sally K.

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Congratulations again on doing an incredible job fundraising! You guys crushed your goal and funded over 132 hours of pediatric cancer research. That is amazing! Thank you so much for your support and dedication. Brier is in our thoughts! Keep fighting Brier!

Proceeds from the Lemonade Stand! donated


Greg and Bobbie Clausen donated


Rooting for you, Brier! ❤️

Megan Peterson donated


Sending so much love to Brier and her entire family!

The Guffeys donated


The Frost Family donated


The families of George, Steve and Brian Baker and Jennifer Preston donated


We continue to pray for Brier and are hopeful for her journey through this battle. We know Kathy is keeping a close eye on her and would want all donations to protect Brier. We love you, Johnston’s! Love, the Baker family

Jake and Amy Rath donated


Praying for a cure!!

Matt and Molly Sayer donated


We are sending payers and good vibes Brier’s way. Your family support is so wonderful!!!

Carolyn Mantone donated