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Sydney Peck always loved science. Naturally curious, she was fascinated by biology and anatomy as a kid. She always thought she’d be a pediatrician, or work in labor and delivery or maybe do something with cardiology because her dad’s family had a history of heart problems. 

Then her older brother, Cody, was diagnosed with a brain tumor and everything clicked into place. 

“It was like I found my purpose,” Sydney said. Sydney recalls her brother’s medical team as passionate and full of love for their work. She... Read More

Each June, nearly 1,000 people gather at Penn Wynne Elementary, in a suburb of Philadelphia, for Alex’s “Original” Lemonade Stand. The event — a day of fun, lemonade and fundraising for childhood cancer research — honors the life and legacy of Alex Scott, the founder of Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. There are lots of games, crafts and family activities, but the major highlight is always the annual butterfly release commemorating and celebrating the lives of all children affected by cancer. 

Kids... Read More

dr. yael mosse

In her lab at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Dr. Yael Mossé leads an international team of researchers studying MYCN, a treatment-elusive mutated gene that drives cancer. At City of Hope in Los Angeles, Dr. Linda Malkas is working on a liquid formulation of promising cancer drug she developed, so that drug can be trialed in children as well as adults. In Memphis, Dr. Rebecca Gardner is working to make CAR T immunotherapy more effective, more accessible, and more equitable for kids with cancer. In her Vienna, Austria lab, Dr. Anna Obeneuf combines biology with cutting-edge technology... Read More