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  • Lincoln, age 10, was treated on a trial funded by ALSF. “ALSF came in and helped our family in ways I cannot express,” said Diane, Lincoln’s mom. 
  • CAR-T treatment saved Beau's life. He is now looking forward to 7th grade.
  • In May 2024, Arden celebrated "No Evidence of Disease." “If it weren’t for Alex, there wouldn’t be any Ardens,” said Megan, Arden's mom.
  • After two years in remission, Diego is back to school. He also works as a lifeguard and is getting ready to drive.
  • Today, Maisie is cancer-free and looking ahead to her senior year of high school. 

Treatment after treatment failed Lincoln.  The brain tumor he was diagnosed with just kept coming back—first in 2018 and then again in 2021. By the time Lincoln was 7 years old, he had endured several brain surgeries, three rounds of proton radiation, and two years’ worth of high-dose chemotherapy. 

The tumor, called ependymoma, remained. His best shot, said his doctors, was a promising immunotherapy clinical trial for kids with relapsed brain tumors. The only problem was the distance and the expense it would take to get him from his home in New Hampshire all the way down to... Read More

Happy June! June kicks off the 20th anniversary of Lemonade Days at Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF). All month long, we commemorate the early lemonade stands hosted by our founder, Alex Scott, and celebrate all the amazing supporters who host lemonade stands in their front yards, at their businesses, in parks, at events, and everywhere (including all 50 states). 

We know June is a busy month for everyone. Bookmark this list of “can’t miss” events – from lemonade stands coast-to-coast to culinary events and,... Read More

It’s lemonade stand season! Every day is an amazing day to host a lemonade stand. And what makes it more amazing: when you host a lemonade stand that supports kids with cancer. We’ve got some tips from expert stand hosts to help you plan the perfect lemonade stand. 

Harper Mathis and Charlotte Jenkins are expert lemonade stand hosts and have raised nearly $25,000 at their annual lemonade stands in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the past four years. They aren’t just bonded by lemonade, both girls are childhood cancer... Read More