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The Childhood Cancer Blog

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It’s lemonade stand season! Every day is an amazing day to host a lemonade stand. And what makes it more amazing: when you host a lemonade stand that supports kids with cancer. We’ve got some tips from expert stand hosts to help you plan the perfect lemonade stand. 

Harper Mathis and Charlotte Jenkins are expert lemonade stand hosts and have raised nearly $25,000 at their annual lemonade stands in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the past four years. They aren’t just bonded by lemonade, both girls are childhood cancer... Read More

Did you know that you can turn your livestream into a fundraiser that helps fund childhood cancer research? Streamers can join Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation’s Unlocking Cures campaign and turn their stream into a powerful force for kids battling cancer. 

Streamers have become an increasingly impactful group igniting change and using their voices for good. So far this year streamers have raised nearly $20,000 for ALSF! No matter how many viewers you have or how... Read More

Jessica Tsai, above, lounges in her lab before its March opening at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

One of Jessica Tsai’s research projects produced hundreds (and hundreds) of gigabytes of data. If you printed this information out, you would need at least 10,000 cases of printer paper, which is pretty unimaginable, so Tsai likes to use the very technical measurement of “a lot.”

But don’t let her casual measurement methodology fool you. Tsai, a pediatric neuro-oncologist and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation-funded researcher, is serious about data. She lists data... Read More