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childhood cancer hero atlas

Cancer took some of Atlas’s childhood and part of his left arm, but it hasn’t taken his spirit. 

“Atlas has gone through more in his 21 months of life than some people go through their entire lives. Through it all he has remained so positive and always has a huge smile on his face,” says his mom, Alison.

Atlas was 8 months old when he fell and fractured his arm. After a few casts, his parents noticed a peculiar bump remained on his wrist, and it wouldn’t go away. Later, they learned that it was a tumor called undifferentiated spindle cell sarcoma, and it was eating away at... Read More

Arden loves to giggle. Ask her anything—her favorite color, her favorite thing about school, her favorite dance moves—the response is a giggle and a bright, beautiful smile that lights up her face. 

She is very serious about what she wants for Christmas, though: a Barbie dreamhouse. 

For Arden, who is by all appearances a regular 5-year-old, life has not been a total dream. 

She was just over a year old when a stomach bug hit. It seemed to go away, but a series of low-grade fevers remained. Her parents, Megan and David, would get calls from daycare. It seemed like a... Read More

childhood cancer hero chloe

In August, Chloe began her six-month break from cancer treatment. Right now, she is back home enjoying time with her family through the holidays like most kids her age. But in February 2023, her break will be over, and Chloe, who is a 6th grader, will be back to beating neuroblastoma into remission for the second time in her life. 

Chloe was 4 years old when she began experiencing inexplicable pain that jumped from legs to each arm and eventually, her whole back. Baffled and concerned, her parents took Chloe on trip after trip to Urgent Care, the emergency room and primary care... Read More