6th Annual OCM BOCES Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program's Lemonade Stand

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6th Annual OCM BOCES Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program's Lemonade Stand

Hello! We are students in the OCM BOCES Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program and would like to invite you to our lemonade stand in honor of Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. Last year we raised $1, 150 dollars and would like to raise even more this year, but we need your help! Please help us in raising money to donate in hopes of finding a cure for childhood cancer!


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Janet Wisneski8/12/2014$30.00
Lisa Austin8/12/2014$1275.66
Raymond Banach8/12/2014$30.00
David Chase8/12/2014$10.00
Irene Cook8/12/2014$25.00
Stephen Garty8/12/2014$20.00
Patricia Ruf8/12/2014$25.00
Debbie Pachoud-Winchell8/01/2014$25.00Thanks for all the hard work!
The Sheridan Family8/01/2014$30.00Awesome job to all who worked on this year's Lemonade Stand!!!!
Cindy Heid8/01/2014$20.00Cindy, Bailey and Ginger Heid Beckhusen- thinking of all the children, they are in our prayers.

Honored hero

Alexa aka Princess Lexy is now 11 years young. She has been fighting cancer for a decade. She has brain cancer with an inoperable tumor and also has neurofibromatosis. She is very caring and loves making people smile and is brave and an inspiration to so many people. She is silly and loves to tell jokes and sing songs. Her laugh and smile melt any heart. She is strong and never gives up even through the pain. She is a lovely warrior princess.