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Barry Olanoff
7/08/2010$52.00In honor of my son drew olanoff
Joe Hackman
7/07/2010$20.00What a worthy cause, keep up the effort Drew!
@mikeyil & @allieharch
7/07/2010$22.00WE LURV DREW & ALSF
@mirywhitehill and @sidebrain
7/07/2010$18.00When life gives you lemons, #blamedrewscancer
7/07/2010$75.00Happy to help!
7/07/2010$15.00Amazing paint!
7/06/2010$20.00@thatdrew Thanks for all your work with the cause. Love it.
Zak Kinsella
7/06/2010$20.00Suck it, cancer!
Sporting Love & Hope on FB
7/06/2010$25.00We LOVE Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation! Drew & Natasha- Thank you sincerely for your support for pediatric cancer research. Your artwork is AMAZING, Natasha!! God Bless You, The Hearne Family
7/06/2010$25.00imagine this donation is a big satchel of pennies to be used to beat the $h^# out of cancer! 8D
7/06/2010$5.00Every bit counts, lets do this!
7/06/2010$25.00Keep doing what you're doing, you inspire others and your relentless effort does not go unnoticed.
7/06/2010$20.00Thanks @thatdrew and @natasha!
Zach and Brett
7/06/2010$50.00blitz115 and zmcinchak
7/06/2010$40.00Thanks Drew and Natasha. Nice work.
Andy Sternberg
7/06/2010$25.00LET'S BEAT CANCER! Great painting, Natasha
Kat Armstrong
7/06/2010$20.00My brother fought a good fight. My Dad is fighting lung cancer now. I love Drew dearly.. My heart breaks for all of the little angels we lose while we wage this war against cancer. We WILL win this.
7/06/2010$20.00Honored to be a part of this!
7/06/2010$10.00Money's tight, but not so tight that I can't give something back. Let's make childhood a happy and silly place for kids, the way it should be.
sarah ross
7/06/2010$50.00honored to contribute
Live Life Solid
7/06/2010$25.00Keep up the SOLID work to raise awareness & help kick cancer to the curb. Kudos!
7/06/2010$20.00Amazing idea & way to have people contribute. Keep on fighting...
7/06/2010$25.00Good stuff you're doing here!!
7/06/2010$15.00Together we'll find the cure! :)
7/06/2010$50.00ONEHOPE for a day without childhood cancer.
Craig Newmark
7/06/2010$25.00hey, this is good!
7/06/2010$25.00Keep up the great work... from @billhess on twitter
7/06/2010$20.00@thatdrew is the man. Awesome cause.
7/06/2010$20.00Drew - I can't thank you enough for everything you're doing to help fight childhood cancer! You're the best!!! :)
7/06/2010$10.00one person at a time, together we become strong. together we fight!
Chris Noble
7/06/2010$25.00Love you guys. Go beat the *&$*& out of cancer.
Ralph (@level3media) & Fam
7/06/2010$50.00Thanks to @thatdrew and @natasha for such an awesome way to raise cancer awareness and eradicate this disease in children so my 2 daughters will hopefully never have to experience it in their lifetimes. Love you guys, and love Alex's Lemonade Stand!
7/06/2010$10.00Yay, i LOVE supporting Alexs Lemonade. Can't wait to see my name on that painting Drew! Keep up the amazing work!!!
7/06/2010$10.00[Comment Removed]
William A Wichterman
Brandi Sausedo
Ilana Horn
Lindle J Romero
Chris Noble
Noland Hoshino
Heather Herr
Jonathan Nafarrete
Peter A. Weissenstein
Sandra E Soroka
Tia McGuire
Jennifer Van Grove

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