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Frank Lyon
11/01/2011$100.00Way to go girls! Frank Lyon Class of "71
Ally Oram
10/31/2011$20.00You girls are so sweet! Keep working hard to raise awareness :) If you need any help, let me know! :)
DodekaLithon Society
Joyce Alnes
Sullivan Parkes10/27/2011$25.00
Dr. Doehler
10/26/2011$25.00I'm so proud of Elon students like you!
The Blalocks
10/21/2011$100.0026.2 miles - Hoo Rah... go girl
The Merrick Family
Jacqueline Alnes10/21/2011$50.00Way to go Jackie. Have fun! We miss you on Claysprings Lane.
The Christopher Family
10/19/2011$100.00How awesome, being able to run and help others!
The Stanicek Family
10/17/2011$25.00Way to go!
Julie Montoya
Sullivan Parkes10/11/2011$50.00
Elizabeth Gibson
Sullivan Parkes9/20/2011$100.00
Jacqueline Alnes9/18/2011$20.00
9/18/2011$55.00I LOVE LEMONS and RUNNING! Love, Sausage
Steve-Annie-Abbie & Rose Seay
9/16/2011$50.00Hi Jacqueline - We're proud of you for helping such a great cause! Go Team "Pucker Up!" Claysprings Lane misses you and your family!! :)
Sherri, Ryan, Natalie &Olivia
Jacqueline Alnes9/13/2011$50.00Good luck "Team Pucker Up" Have a great run!
Darin & Mary Olson & boys
9/07/2011$15.00So proud of you, Jacqueline! Wish we could do more! Enjoy the run!
Charles & Diana Heard
Jacqueline Alnes9/07/2011$50.00Great Cause!
Maria Blakely
9/03/2011$25.00Thank you for including me. Good Luck!
9/03/2011$25.00Lemonade is delicious, YOU GO GIRLZ!
Pat Healy, Mick and Ryan Casey
Jacqueline Alnes9/01/2011$100.00Way to go Team Lemon!
The Franklins
Jacqueline Alnes8/31/2011$100.00Great to hear from you! We're happy to help such a great cause and best of luck to you both!
Jacqueline Alnes8/24/2011$100.00
Harold and Gretchen Petraske
Sullivan Parkes8/22/2011$100.00
Tony & Sanna Lilburn
Jacqueline Alnes8/19/2011$50.00Have a great time for a great cause!
Jack and Patricia Mangan
Sullivan Parkes8/18/2011$50.00
Nancy and Nick Meyer
Jacqueline Alnes8/16/2011$100.00Have fun girl and enjoy! So proud of you.
Mary,Tim, Josh Buwick
8/14/2011$45.00Josh recently had a lemonade stand and wanted to give 5.00! Love you girls and the cause you are running for.
McCormick Family TX
Jacqueline Alnes8/13/2011$25.00Have a sweet run.
Ronnie and Susan Chappell
8/13/2011$50.00Jacqueline, your kindergarden teacher is proud of your efforts.
Mystery Donor
8/13/2011$20.00Best cause that I have heard of to run and raise money for! Good Luck!
Linda Waugaman
Sullivan Parkes8/12/2011$50.00
Arnold and Ruby Lau
Jacqueline Alnes8/11/2011$50.00
Kit, Ann, Molly, Andy & Danny
8/10/2011$25.00Have an awesome run!
Dave Alnes
Sullivan Parkes8/09/2011$25.00
Erik Alnes
8/06/2011$100.00Hope this helps...Best of luck! I'll be cheering from Montana!
Josh's Sno Shack
Sullivan Parkes5/31/2011$100.00
The Alnes Family
4/19/2011$100.00YOU ARE AWESOME PUCKER UP! 26.2 miles to support research for the kids with cancer-Way to GO!!
The Parkes'
4/19/2011$100.00"You GO girls"

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