's Breaking Dawn Part 1 Midnight Premiere Silent Auction's Breaking Dawn Part 1 Midnight Premiere Silent Auction

WOW! We passed the goal and made $753!
The large donation at the bottom of the page is a combo of many straight cash donations and bids from the evening's success!

Join us on Thursday, November 17th from 4-11:30 p.m.! 

Welcome! presents an Alex's Lemonade Stand (A.L.S.F) Silent Auction and Raffle! All proceeds go directly to A.L.S.F to help children and families with children suffering from cancer. Join us at Showtime Cinema in Southeastern Wisconsin for the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and bid on Twilight merchandise and crafts. There will be a raffle drawing as well! Each person to bid on an item will recieve a small gift.

We were on Tap Milwaukee in the Journal Sentinel!

Buy your tickets online for Showtime Cinemas's midnight showing

RSVP by visiting the facebook event page too!  

Items for Bid Donated so far (more to come):

-Team Edward: Breaking Dawn Edward Blanket & pillowcase, "Morning After" Feather earrings
- Team Jacob: Jacob's girl bracelet, Family Membership to Wolf Society of WI, and plush wolf
- Twilight Saga Charm bracelet
- Twilight Saga Official Guide, Journal Set & The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner
- Booboo Stewart Breaking Dawn Photo & Autograph
- Chaske Spencer Autograph
- Tinsel Korey Autograph
-Breaking Dawn Set: Breaking Dawn Alice necklace, Breaking Dawn Buttons, and BD Shirt
-Hallmark Set:  Eclipse Christmas Ornament & 3 Twilight Greeting Cards
- Twilight Movie Location Framed Photograph:  Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Washington
- Twilight Movie Location Framed Photograph: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, Oregon
- Twilight Book Location Framed Photograph: Goat Rocks Wilderness, Washington (Cullen Family Hunting Grounds)
- A Human Moment: Mani/pedi gift certificate, file,lotion, 2 OPI polishes, polish remover and wipes. Massage gift certificate and bottle of Aveda body cleanser (Rose, Jasmine), Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods Set, Gaia Microspa massage gift certificate and aveda cleanser
- Bella Eclipse Replica Hat

TWO Prize Baskets for the drawings: 

Team Edward Pack

Ashley Greene (Alice) autograph

Twilight Movie Companion

New Moon Movie Companion

Eclipse Movie Companion

Twilight journal set

Valentines Twilight stickers

Forbidden Fruit necklace

Team Edward pencil case

Edward Vitamin Water Cup

Cullen Trading Cards

Bella’s Bracelet

Vampire notepad

Alex’s Lemonade Stand shirt

Alex’s Lemonade Stand water bottle

Cullen Sweethearts


Team Jacob Pack


Alex Meraz (Paul) autograph

Quiluete Tattoo 2XL shirt

Team Jacob water bottle

Twilight journal set

New Moon Stickers

Team Jacob bracelet

Framed Jacob Necklace

Wolf Pack trading cards

Jacob bookmark

New Moon bandaids

Eclipse bandaids

Chicken Soup for the Soul Cancer book

Alex’s Lemonade Stand book

Wolfpack Sweethearts



Please note: Mailed donations may not appear on fundraising pages for up to 4 weeks.
Mari Rose Catencamp11/29/2011$90.00
Nicholas and Amanda Thompson11/29/2011$75.00
Cathy Podd11/29/2011$372.00
Charles and Rebecca Eichner11/29/2011$53.00
David and Tara Gerharz11/29/2011$28.00
Emma Gibson11/13/2011$10.00
Susan Ballje10/19/2011$25.00
Mom, Sam and Kevin10/16/2011$100.00In loving memory of Megan Elizabeth Harrell, our courageous daughter, wife and mom . . . She continues to inspire and touch our lives each day.